• double shaft shredder machine

plastic shredder & double shaft shredder machine

Double shaft shredder machine is a kind of cutting machine to minish products' size, which is widely used in the area of plastic, rubber, wood and other large-shaped waste scrap. As a specialist company in the exploration of reprocessing recycled plastic, the shredder plays specific role in the auxiliary machinery, usually we add double shaft shredder machine after plastic washing line, then for drying and pelletizing as a whole line, or label removing before washing machine is also available.

With the fast development of society, our technical is enhancing updated knowledge step by step everyday not only big project but also details to single machine. Take shredding machine as an example, firstly, it has low rotation rate, low noise and large moment of torsion on the basis of rotary blade V design. Secondly, the blade base and blade on the rotary roller can be disassembly, it's easy to clean and maintenance. Moreover, the machine is controlled by PLC system, the blade can rotated in opposite direction, it also can close automatic if something unexpected happen with very high safety service. Super bearing seperates from crushing box, cooling well, and fitting for 24 hours heavy working.

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