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Plastic Granulator Machine

PP PE Film DoubleShaft Water Ring recycling Granulator equipment:

PP PE Filmrecycling Granulator equipment is to treat pe pp film woven bags with doublestage. film can be plasticized well no air hole in granules

PP PE Film DoubleShaft Water Ring recycling Granulator machines main processes:

1. It has forcefeeder to press the light film into the screw,easy to operate and make sure thecapacity.

2. With DoubleShaft screw extruders,the plastic can be plasticized totally,keep the capacitysteady and without air hole in the final granules.

3. With twodifferent types of cutting way,"noodles" shape cutting and die facecutting(water loop),we can meet your different demands for the shape ofgranules.

4. With Non-stophydraulic screen exchanger,you can exchange the screen when the machine isrunning.


PP PE PET bottlesflakes Single Stage Noodle Granulator Machines:

Screws and otherconsisting parts are designed respectively against the features of differentmaterials such as PP, PE, PS, ABS, PA, PVC, POM, EVA, LCP, PET, PMM etc. It issuitable for  the purpose of material colorblending. High torque design, less noise, and working stable. Screw and barrelare through special hardness treatment ensures more durable and long servicelife time.Air-exhaust system or common vented hole can get rid of water andwaste gas out of the material. This enables more stable extrusion and moresolid pellet.