• single shaft crusher machine

plastic crusher & Single shaft crusher machine

Single shaft crusher machine is one of our auxiliary equipment,is used for shreddering all kinds of hard plastics,such as HDPE,PP,PS,ABS,PVC.,etc.The hydraulic force feeder will press the material powerly to therotary knives,with two fixed knives and dozens of rotary knives,it can crush the material strongly,safely,and efficiently.With high quality gear box and PLC control,the rotor can reverse when it is blocked,to protect the knives.Finally you will get the material in small pieces,min size is about 20mm.Single shaft crusher machine can used with washing line and granulation line. It is one important part in our machines. The capacity is from 300kg/h to 1500kg/h.

In the crusher,the principal axis is drive by the motor,and the rotating principal axis drives the knives to rotate .and the fixed knives are fixed in the crusher,by the rotating knives and fixed knives act as go between.

The advantage are strong and durable,low power consumption and low noise.

With 4pieces fixed blades,8pieces rotatry blades made of 9CrSi,it can crush film and solid plastic material into small pieces,size from 10mm to 20mm.with more strong power,the capacity will be very big enough

The plastic material can be cutted into small pieces,and the size of the plastic flakes can be adjust by changing the diameter of screen whole.