• pp pe granulator machine

PP & PE granulator Machine

  Our company specialized in plastic recyclingmachine for many years, with CE/ISO9001 approved. All our products with goodquality and competitive price. Many plastic recycling machines are availablefrom our company. PP, PE granulator machine is one of the best sellers amongall the machines, which can be devided into water loop mould granulator machineand strand pelletizer according to different cutters, besides, it also can bedefined as single stage granulator machine and double stages pelletizer. Recently,there is another new product named Compacting Die-face cutting pelletizingline. All the pelletizing line are easy to operate.

The parts of eachkind of granulator machine are almostly similar. As for the water loop mouldgranulator machine, whose parts are screw conveyer, side feeder, ration feeder,single-screw extruder, hydraulic filter exchanger , water ring mould , waterflume, vertical dewatering machine , air blowing system and storage hopper.Then, the strand pelletizer’s parts are the same as water loop mould granulatormachine except for the cutter. And the producted pellets are different, thepellets by water loop mould are round, but the pellets by cutter are cylinder.As for the single stage pelletizer and double stage pelletizer, their parts aresimilar to the above ones, but the only different one is the number of stage,and the double stage has a master screw and second screw. Concerning thecompacting Die-face pelletizing machine, which add a compactor and gear boxinto the above parts, which is the latest product in our company, whose pelletsare stable, uniformity and beautiful.