• hdpe pvc washing machine

Hdpe/Pvc Washing & Recycling Machine

The whole washingline is designed and manufacted by our company, integrated with advancedrecycling technology. With reasonable design, beautiful appearance and stableperformance, this set of equipment can easily clean waste HDPE/ PVC plasticproducts. Materials are effectively dealt with step by step. And the finalclean material can be granulated immediately.

In view ofdifferent HDPE/ PVC products, we provide different washing line.


Regarding HDPE/PVC film,

It mainly includesbelt conveyer, crusher(with water), screw conveyer, floating washer, high speedfriction machine, dewatering machine, drying system, silo, electric elements,etc.

Regarding HDPE,PVC bottles/ barrels,

It mainly includesbelt conveyer, pre-washer, label scraping machine, manual separating machine,metal detector, crusher(with water), high speed friction machine, floatingwasher, steam washer, dewatering machine, drying system, silo, electricelements, etc.

Based on themature technology, we can make lines with different capacity, ranging from 300kg/h to 1000kg/h.

In addition, thereare many advantages such as simple srtucture, low energy consumption, highefficiency, low water content, easy operation, highly automatic as well asconvenient maintenance. All parts contact with material are stainless steel.

Our HDPE/ PVCwashing line is surely of high standard and has CE certification and ISO9001certification. High qualified rate of material after treatment can fully meetrequirements of the treatment of waste plastics recycling at home and abroad.

At present, it receives great reputation and is widelyexported to different countries such as USA,Britian, Mexico, Brazil, Russia,Australia, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania,New Zealand,etc.