• plastic shredder machine

plastic shredder & doubleshaft & Single shaft plastic shredder machine

The shredder ismainly consisted of two types: single shaft shredder and double shaft shredder.

The single shaftshredder is mainly used for big block objects, such as die head material, thickwall pipes, and also can be used for film roller, paper and fibers, etc….

The maincharacters of our single shaft shredder:

The blades andblades rack can be demounted on the rotating shaft. It is easy to clear, changeand maintenance.

The rotatingblades is fixed on the shaft by V shape. It is good for shredding the materialevenly which can make the energy consumption is low and noise is very small.

Every rotatingblade has 4 cutting edges, after one cutting edge is worn out, it can bechanged to other ones. And also with same design to the fixed blade, which hastwo cutting edges, also when one cutting edge is worn out, it can be change tothe other one.

The shaft isdriven by motor through the gear box, it runs stable, low noise, high torque.

The material ispushed by hydraulic pusher automatically. It works strong and stable.

The electricsystem is controlled by PLC, which make the shaft can rotate in positivedirection, reversal direction and stop, then to protect the machines runningsafely.

The double shaftshredder is mainly used for hard material, such as barrel, basket, panelmaterial, wood, car tires and even big bale film etc…

The maincharacters of our double shaft shredder:

The shreddingcabinet is made of special thickness steel panel with precision machining. Itis fixed by big angle hexagonal bolts and with strong inlet hopper. All theseis to ensure the big and heavy material can be put directly into the shreddingcabinets

The rotatingblades with special designed to the thickness, shape and arranging series whichensure it is strong cutting ability, sharpening cutting edge and then make itworking high efficiently.

Low speed running,low noise and less powder flying.

The blades is madeof special alloy steel, strong and long time working.

The electric system is controlled by PLC, which make theshaft can rotate in positive direction, reversal direction and stop, then toprotect the machines running safely.