• Plastic recycling machine

Plastic recycling machine

is a complete compound machinery system of recoveringwaste plastics and reprocessing different materials into recycled pellets, thesystem mainly consist of two segments, washing and pelletizing. The washing ismore complicated than pelletizing, it is started from collecting andtransporting waste materials to the site,the baler and bale breaker are neededto compress and loosen materials, then pre-washing to remove dirt outside ofmaterials, sorting plastics into different groups manually or mechanically,shredding and crushing them into small scraps, further separating them bydensity contrast in the water, some sink and some float, washing is the mostimportant part through different sections in the form of rinsing, friction, hotwashing, etc. The last part of washing is drying materials by centrifugaldehydrator and hot air in drying pipes. Sometimes it also need further processlike removing the metals by metal remover or eddy current separator. But fordifferent materials, the compounding is also different, for example, PETbottles are more complicated than PE/PP film. For pelletizing, the process fordifferent materials is similar,firstly feeding materials into the screw ofextruder which will heat and melt the plastics into strands, then cool thestrands and cut them to get pellets, dewatering and drying the pellets finally,sometimes film materials will be treated by agglomerator in advance, that’sall. For different plastics, the extruder maybe different. For example, PVC andPET normally use twin screw extruder, but PE/PP/PS/ABS usually use single screwextruder.