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Pet Recycling Machine:PetWashing & GranulatorMachine

It's been over 10years, we in developing washing, recycling of wasted PET bottles productionline.

PET washingmachine is used to wash and clean the recycled PET bottles. Such as themineral water bottles, sodas bottles, oil bottles, etc. The clean flakes can beused to produce the polyester staple fiber, PET strap band, granules, PETtransparent film and sheets, etc. The top class flakes can be used to mould thebottles again. The capacity of the complete line ranges from 300kg/h to 3000kg/h.

The complete PETbottle crushing, washing, drying production line is mainly consisted of beltconveyer, screw conveyer, metal detector, label separator, manual sorting,crusher, cool water floating tank, hot washer, drying system, silo and so on.

If the PET bottleare in bale, usually it also needs a bale opener to make the bottles separatedbefore into the crusher.

And if the PETbottle is very dirty, like with much dirties, like stone, mud, sands,especially with much oil and glue on the surface of the bottles ….etc, usuallyit will be equipped with one pre-washer. Also in this line, there’s anothermachine can delete the oil easily. That’s Steam Washer. This machine can beused to float, remove the dirty such as labels, oil, paper and so on. Thestirring motor will rotate the water, and the heater will heat the water, theoil will float on the water, and flakes will get down into the water, so theyare separated. Change the water offenly, the oil on the flakes will be removedeasily. The clean flakes will be removed to next step.

In order to save energy, we research new highefficiency environmental PET washing line(2000-3000kg/h) initial in China with zero discharge. In thisline the water can be recycled. It takes its place in the front ranks in theworld.